Catégorie : Poème

Un envol avec toi

Tu m’as tendu la main
M’invitant à te suivre,
À déployer mes ailes de plomb
Me redonnant l’envie de vivre.

Avec toi, je vole sans peur.
Mes ailes plus sûres, plus fortes,
Te suivent dans ton envol
Et vers ton ciel m’emportent.

Je plane à tes côtés.
Nos ailes battent en choeur
En parfaite harmonie,
Animant notre âme d’une belle mélodie.

Ensemble nous bravons
Turbulences et intempéries.
Ta confiance me rassure
Et me sert d’armature.

Tu portes le ciel dans tes yeux,
d’un bleu limpide et clair.
Ils réconfortent mon coeur
Et l’illuminent de mille éclairs.

Chaque envol est une aventure,
Qui nous apprend sur nous.
Qui nous apprend sur cet amour,
Nous donnant ailes et racines.

A heart thread

A heart that heals, is a miracle
Life grants to every tired soul
That still believes in sunshine,
That has faith in tomorrow,
That sees beauty in pain
And turns darkness into flame.

A thread that stitches up
Every tiny wound bleeding
In a heart mourning,
But fighting to stay alive
Beating against all odds
And pumping little droplets
in its veins.

A heart thread is made of us whole
Made of our hope and thriving,
Our tears and smiling.
It patches the bits and pieces
Into a wonderful canva
Full of colors glowing,
Rainbows and lively heartbeats!


They said home is where love is.
I’d say home is Him.
Home is in his arms,
In the way he looks tenderly at me,
In the way he adjusts my scarf around my neck on a cold day.
His love is the home I looked for in my darkest nightmares.
He’s my shore after a long struggle not to drown.
On his chest, I find peace and warmth.
On his lips, I taste his softness.
He holds my hand so I walk steadier.
He walks beside me so I go farer.
He awoke a kind of love I didn’t know it existed inside of me.
He helped me polish my fade colored wings.
He added shine to my tired smile.
And now, nothing can stop me from reaching high,
Coz he promised to be there with open arms to welcome me home after each fly…